Call for Network Coordinator – Commonwealth Youth for Sustainable Urbanisation (CYSU)

Job Description – Commonwealth Youth for Sustainable Urbanisation (CYSU) – Network Coordinator

For over forty years the Commonwealth Secretariat, through the Commonwealth
Youth Programme (CYP), has endeavoured to support young people around the
Commonwealth to make their voices heard and give them a platform on which they
can take charge of their future towards a sustainable development.
Founded by the CYP together with the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Initiative
(a multidisciplinary partnership group of Commonwealth partners comprising the
Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), the Commonwealth Association
of Architects (CAA), the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) and the
Commonwealth Local Government Forum(CLGF) in collaboration with the
Government of Rwanda and The Prince’s Foundation),the Commonwealth Youth for
Sustainable Urbanisation (CYSU) Network was set up in response to the Call to
Action on Sustainable Urbanisation across the Commonwealth, launched in 2021 by
the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Initiative (CSCI) which acknowledges the
importance of youth in sustainable urbanisation.
The network builds on the Youth Manifesto for Sustainable Urbanism launched at
CHOGM 2018, London. A unique aspect of this network, reflecting the Call to
Action, is recognising the need to foster interdisciplinarity between youth
interested, or beginning their careers, in sectors related to the built environment,
such as the technical professions, local government and academia.
The United Nations has predicted that over 68% of the projected increase in the
global population will be living in urban areas by 2050. Over 50% of this growth is
expected to take place in the Commonwealth and over 60% of that population is
young people under the age of 30. Well managed human settlements are key
drivers of climate change solutions, economic development, innovation and
entrepreneurship, and sources of employment underpinned by the activities of
young people, who largely still lack a seat at the decision-making table.
The purpose of the CYSU is to empower Commonwealth Youth to support,
contribute to, and advocate for sustainable urbanisation in the Commonwealth and
to look at ways in which cities and human settlements can better reflect the needs
of youth.
Job Title: Commonwealth Youth for Sustainable Urbanisation Coordinator
Duration: Twelve (12) months
ContractLocation: Remote
Period: 1 June 2022 -May 2023
Fee: A nominal honorarium will be provided for this role.

Time commitment: Requires at minimum 20 hours weekly.
Applicants must:
● be a citizen of a Commonwealth member state
● not be above the age of 30 years old, as per 1 May 2022.
● have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area (International
Development, Planning, Sustainability, International Relations or
Environmental Studies).
● have evidence of strong experience in managing a diverse, regional and/or
international network
● have experience and evidence of managing, developing and implementing a
communications strategy, content creation and management of a network
● have strong writing and reporting skills
● have excellent communication and project management skills

How To Apply
Applicants should apply by 22 May 2022 23:59hrs (GMT)
Please note that the form will require you to upload documents, including but not
limited to the following:

  • Resume (CV) – max 2 pages
  • Cover Letter outlining your suitability for the role – max 1 page
  • Written piece sample of your work (word limit in form)
  • 1 professional reference letter from a reputable and relevant referee
    Key Deliverables & Responsibility
    The main role of the CYSU Network Coordinator is to support the executive team
    (EXCO) of the network, coordinate and support the Network across the
    Commonwealth, with a focus on the administration, content/output of the
    Key responsibilities include:
    ● Oversee the regular management of the CYSU Network (administratively)
    and keeping up logistical arrangements of the network including supporting
    the Executive team and initiatives across regions, regular calls or direct
    mentoring and support;

● Enhance Commonwealth youth professional participation and representation
in Sustainable Urbanisation and Human Settlements, development and
opportunities by co-ordinating engagement and facilitating increased
visibility in policy discussion and meetings at the Commonwealth and
International level;
● Support and work with the relevant organisations towards action on any
relevant international days.
● Support and coordinate the formation and engagement of a diverse and
active Executive Team;
● Support the strengthening of communication, partnerships and collaboration
with the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC),
Commonwealth Youth Networks, the partners of the Commonwealth
Sustainable Urbanisation Initiative (ACU, CAP, CLGF, CAA, Prince’s
Foundation), CEC, CASLE and other stakeholders;
● Increase visibility, outreach, inclusion and membership of the CYSU
● Maintain frequent and consistent communication with the assigned staff(s)
from the Commonwealth Secretariat and other Partners managing the
network.This includes ensuring provision of regular updates of the network’s
work and sharing of opportunities and announcements to all members of the
● Project manage initiatives and activities from conception through to
implementation, reporting and evaluation.
● Create and submit reporting processes and regular documents and reports to
keep stakeholder well-informed of the network’s activities and progress.
● Manage the communications and marketing strategies of the network,
including building and maintaining a social media presence and content
creation, for the network.
● Perform other activities as required

Essential & Desirable Skills
The candidate should :
Administration Support (Essential)
● Possess excellent administrative, ability to coordinate/support meetings,
write/edit meeting minutes, papers,
● Possess strong time management and ability to balance multiple tasks and
responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

Technical Support (Essential)
● Demonstrate skills and experience in report writing, research, developing
policy and facilitating consultations
● Demonstrate knowledge and experience in youth and young professional
engagement related to climate and sustainability
● Possess strong analytical skills with the ability to identify problems and
appropriate solutions.
Social Media Skills (Essential)
● Be familiar working with popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter
etc.) particularly around increasing engagement, promoting content and
growing follower numbers;
● Possess the skills to grow a community network, beyond personal networks.
Project & Partnerships Management (Essential)
● Possess project management/project delivery skills, support partnerships
development, build stakeholder and network relationships & support
strategic planning.

Characteristics & Personality
● Demonstrate commitment and perseverance in their past roles and
Diversity and Inclusion
● Be able to show interest and past experience working in diverse teams and
on diversity and inclusion matters.
● Be able to show exemplary people management skills and be able to build
● Be organised, diplomatic and emotionally intelligent.