Youth Leads India to Achieve SDG in 2030

Youth Leads India to Achieve SDG in 2030: An Analysis of Indian Youth in SDG Perspective

Our nation’s youth hold the key to our future well-being. Investing generously in them will create a “more perfect union.” That is the central message of this Book Youth 2030 & SDG’s on the “promise of Youth”. This book deals about India’s Largest Community named “Youth” with development and future needs in the field of Education, Entrepreneurship, Civic Participation. The book weaves youth development theory and practices together so current and future practitioners can understand how to plan for, design, and evaluate youth programs that enable young people to thrive. Building content from the Several reports from the Government of India and the United Nations. The main purpose of this book is to Increase understanding of the growing importance of, and greater potential for, youth participation in development practice specifically for donor agencies and policymakers. Provide some initial practical guidance to assist donor agencies and policymakers to work more effectively with and for young people. “the youth bulge represents both a challenge and an opportunity for development”  This Book zoomed in on a notable trend in the discourse and activity around the SDGs in India and how Youth can be a Contributor to 2030 Agenda along with the Government of India. 

Book by Datchanamoorthy Ramu

Youth Leads India